Students with autism and other exceptionalities deserve to be set up for success. It begins with the right school.

Exceptionalities affect each individual differently, meaning that there can’t be a “one size fits all” approach to education. The “spectrum” of needs are addressed through the implementation of a “spectrum” of educational tools and social skills support. Our programs are customized to meet each student at his or her individual ability level by offering a structured, nurturing environment that focuses on academic, social and cognitive skills.

Family Feature: The Gaede's 

Ashley and Bob Gaede have fifteen children, several with exceptionalities. Take a look at their inspirational story, about their family and the great lengths they've gone through in order to ensure their children receive a proper education, as well as finding the resources to fund education, thanks to STO's like Alumnus. 

Our Students: Fall Concert, 2017

Our gifted and excited students prepared for months for the fall concert. Events like this not only get students exercising musical skills, but also social skills. It requires collaboration, coordination, and attention in order for them to work together and have fun while doing it!

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Parents say...

Thank you! I’ve cried lots of HAPPY tears this week. We are so grateful we found you. This school is night and day compared to what we were dealing with before. Thank you for valuing our kiddos and celebrating what they CAN do. It means the world to our family.

- Angie A., mother of a Pieceful Solutions student