Students with autism and other exceptionalities deserve to be set up for success. It begins with the right school.


Because exceptionalities affect each individual differently, there can’t be a “one size fits all” approach to education. The “spectrum” of needs are addressed through the implementation of a “spectrum” of educational tools and social skills support. At Pieceful Solutions, our programs are customized to meet each student at his or her individual ability level. We offer a structured, nurturing environment that focuses on academic, social and cognitive skills.


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What are STO's?

What are STO's and how can people help fund your student's tuition at absolutely no cost to them? 

Our son has been very happy at Pieceful Solutions. The teachers are wonderful. We love all the elective classes, and look forward to the excitement of transition planning to a career or further education with the classes that he is most passionate about!
— Pam