Programs Overview

Students with autism and other exceptionalities should be in an environment where they not only are accepted, but are inspired to continue developing their social and academic skills. We are committed to inspiring our students to reach their full potential both in the classroom and the community. Our goals are to create a welcoming and positive environment, where your child is set up for short term and long term success. To best align our teaching approach to the individual student’s skill set, we have designed the following programs, each created to cater to your child’s needs.

Our commitment

  • High academic standards
  • Social skills development
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Problem solving

What makes us different

  • Small class size
  • Individualized academic instruction 
  • Emphasis on social communication and social skills training across all facets of the school day.
  • Positive behavior support
  • Transition education
  • Elective programs
  • Collaborative approach
  • Community-based instruction


Academic Program

The Academic Model serves our higher functioning students, typically those with lower language and sensory needs. These students are on track to go on to higher education, vocational programs, and careers.


  • Academic programming aligned with research-based curriculums
  • Integrated technology
  • Academic assessments
  • Transition programming through career exploration and post secondary preparation classes
  • Social skills support through clubs, in the classroom, and during lunch and break

Full Potential Program Icon_050217_Proof1.jpg

Full potential program

The Full Potential Program (FPP) serves our students with higher language and sensory needs who can benefit from an academic curriculum as well as hands-on life skills instruction and vocational services. The FPP curriculum is structured for life-long independence and self-fulfillment.

  • Academically modified programming with research-based curriculums 
  • Integrated technology
  • Vocational assessments
  • Transition programming
  • Behavior management emphasizing self-regulation skills
  • Social skills support and instruction through all facets of the school day

program for autistic students

enrichment program

The Enrichment Program is an ability-based group of students who attend core academic classes together with follow up each afternoon with the Enrichment Program teacher.  This allows for more time to reinforce or if needed, to re-teach lessons.

Tuition Costs