Every Friday, students participate in several of the social skills clubs that we offer.  Each club gives them the opportunity to branch out in an area that they are interested in learning more about. These clubs encourage teamwork, active participation, social interaction and leadership.

My child was an 8th grader with his first year at Pieceful solutions attending the Gilbert campus. With the past rough experiences with schools it was imperative that we find a good fit for our son. Pieceful solutions is not just a school it is a community. The staff and kids encourage each other and form friendships, which is an important key to our son’s success in life. I am at peace knowing that my son’s future is in good hands.
— Amy
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Student Council

Student Council is the voice of the student body. It gives all students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. Student Council seeks to foster and strengthen school spirit and pride.

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Arts Club

The Arts Club encompasses our fine arts program which includes music, art and drama.  Students are given opportunities to sing, play instruments, draw, paint, work on original scripts, act, and work on creating props and stage management.


The A-Team Club is teambuilding with teens. Students work on building leadership, decision-making and self-esteem skills through activities and creative games. 

Author's Club

Author's Club allows students to explore their creative voice through a variety of outlets including poetry, storytelling, comic strips, journaling, and other projects. Students are encouraged to expand their boundaries and engage socially through the sharing and collaboration of their original works.


Debate Club

In Debate Club students work together to learn basic debating skills including researching and writing casework on certain topics. Debate Club provides practice in developing sound and logical arguments, encourages students to practice speaking in public, show initiative and leadership, and will expand the mind and increase understanding of important issues.



Robotics club has three different categories for learning:

(1.) It teaches programming, using the software tool Scratch. This programming language is similar to Lego blocks, in that code statements are attached together.

Scratch allows the user to create an interactive graphical display. Games and stories can be created.

(2.) It also teaches programming for the Vex IQ robotics. The Vex programming language is similar to Scratch, but with language statements to control robotics hardware, rather than graphics. The programs developed can control robotic cars autonomously.

(3.) It also has Snap Circuits hardware, which allows the students build electronic circuits. This is to teach the student the basics of electricity and electronics.


Ambassador's Club

This club is specifically for high school students who have expressed interest in making a difference within our school. Students will create and review policies and procedures already in place such as the Student Handbook, Student Ambassadors Program, Anti-Bullying Campaign, and other student related issues. 

Lego Club

Lego Club provides an opportunity for students to show their creativity as they work with peers to complete challenges. It allows our students to link their academic learning to practical application when utilizing LEGOS in areas such as Math, Engineering, Science, Art and Technology.  

Community SERVICE Club

As a graduation requirement, all students participate in a Community Service Program.  The goal is to help reinforce students' leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills as well as to develop camaraderie with their fellow students.  We give students exposure to a wide variety of skills that they may be able to use in the workforce after they graduate as well as to help build self-esteem through service to others. 

Past projects include working at food banks, Goodwill, assisting a teacher’s organization, and volunteering to mentor students at our campuses in Chandler and Mesa.

Full potential program club

Students work on social interaction and conversation skills. They also participate in online drawing lessons that enable them to work on following instructions and fine tune their motor skills.  Each student will be sent home with their very own portfolio at the end of the school year.