"I wanted to give you a social update.
Saturday we had a b-day party for my daughter, 10 kids showed up and 4 parents stayed.
What happened was magic, the kids were teen-agers, it was a pool party, they swam, they exchanged phone numbers, they talked, they played. They are all authentic- not pretenses of "I have to impress or act a certain way." 
In the pool, they had chicken fights, sword fights (pool noodles) jumping of the diving rock, sliding down the slide yelling , "Look at me" . Playing ball.
I decided that what we have been trying to do of having our kids in "typical" schools and making accommodations and having them with an adult all day, modifying work. It's like taking an avid chess player and putting him in a group of baseball players. The baseball players will be courteous and polite, and the chess player is just existing in this life. 
Is one life better than the other? no. They are different as they have different thinking processes and interests.  
But take the chess player and put him with other chess players, they think the same, have similar interests, they converse and genuinely care about what the other is talking about. They have fun together. They uplift each other.  Where before they were just tolerated
I love that my daughter is with "chess players".  I love that she's gotten three "no's" in school.  She got one for not doing homework, one for talking too much and not doing her work, one for reading a book instead of doing her school work.   To me this means she is being paid attention to. Her participation is valued and wanted, her voice is being heard and needed, work isn't modified for her, because she can do it, the expectations meet the abilities. She is 100% responsible for her.  There are no more excuses and leeway for her school work and actions. 
So to conclude, one boy said, while we were taking photos, "we need to submit this to the yearbook, in a section ,'out of school get togethers' and we need to do this more". 
Thanks for providing a place where my girl is now experiencing life rather than being the fourth wheel and trying to fit in."

"I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you all for an amazing school year. I have seen so much growth and progress with Noah this year and it is truly a reflection of all of you. Noah has overcome many things this year. His academics have progressed because you all teach at his level and take time when he needs it, you make sure that he learns! His social skills... I can barely comment that my child is a completely different child then 9 months ago. He is confident, has a positive attitude and really learned how to have friends."

"Our son has been very happy at Pieceful Solutions. The teachers are wonderful. We love all the elective classes, and look forward to the excitement of transition planning to a career or further education with the classes that he is most passionate about!"

"We moved to Arizona from Vermont so that my son could attend Pieceful Solutions.  He had been unsuccessful in two regular education settings and had been terribly bullied.  It was taking its toll on his self-esteem and confidence.  It took only a few days at Pieceful Solutions before I saw significant changes in him.  He was happy, had a group of new friends, and was being taught in a way that made sense to him!  His confidence has soared and my only regret is that I didn’t get him here to Pieceful Solutions sooner.  It has been a true life-changing experience for him and I look forward to seeing him continue to thrive here over the next years." 

"My son has become a happy successful student at Pieceful Solutions. He has made many wonderful friends and feels at ease in an atmosphere of supportive, caring staff. In his words, "The teachers explain things better at this school and there aren't any mean kids." Finally the stress is gone for him and our family! In addition there are simply no words to describe the feelings of camaraderie and friendship with other Pieceful Solutions' parents."

"My child was an 8th grader with his first year at Pieceful solutions attending the Gilbert campus. With the past rough experiences with schools it was imperative that we find a good fit for our son. Pieceful solutions is not just a school it is a community. The staff and kids encourage each other and form friendships, which is an important key to our son’s success in life. I am at peace knowing that my son’s future is in good hands."