School Tuition Organization (STO)

Arizona has great laws that allow parents and individuals to take control of how their state taxes are spent by utilizing State Tax Credits.

You can make a donation to a School Tuition Organization (STO) and recommend Pieceful Solutions to receive those funds.   The STO will then grant those funds to Pieceful Solutions families in the form of tuition scholarships. As a donor, you are able to take that donation as a dollar-for-dollar credit/reduction off of your state tax liability. (Net cost is zero to you.) In addition if you donate by 12/31/15 these donations are eligible to be used as a deduction off of your 2015 federal taxes. You can make money by donating!

  • You benefit because you can control how your taxes are used and feel good about helping other Pieceful Solutions parents. 
  • Families benefit because they receive scholarship awards to help lower tuition costs.
  • Click here to see a short video to help explain more.

Arizona Tuition Connection is the STO that has partnered with Pieceful Solutions on this program. Donations can be made online, or you can send in a check with the form online at

If you have additional tax liability beyond the maximum for the Private school tax credit program, you can also donate to the school's program: CHARACTER COUNTS!

  • The eligible contribution for a tax payer filing single is $200
  • Couples filing jointly can donate $400
  • Donors are eligible for a dollar-for-dollar credit on their State of Arizona Income Tax Return
  • Donors are also eligible for a deduction on their Federal Income Tax Return
  • Donors do not need to have a child attending the school
  • Click here to give a Gift to our CHARACTER COUNTS program

If you have questions about tax credit donations please contact Robin Rollando at